PS5 DualSense controller Key Features

PlayStation 5 is the next-generation PlayStation releasing in late 2020 and with it the DualSense Controller.

Key Features 

  • Haptic Feedback
    The Haptic Feedback is a new feature added to the DualSense Controller. Instead of the rumble technology used in the DualShock 4, the Haptic Feedback is meant to give the user a more tangible feedback. That is to provide greater immersion in games. This can be achieved since the technology simulates touch. Simply put it will output vibrations or movements to replicate a real-life touch experience.
  • Adaptive Triggers
    The DualSense will also feature adaptive triggers incorporated in the L2/R2 trigger buttons. These will allow the triggers to simulate actions more accurately. For example when pulling the trigger of a gun or pulling back a bow to fire off an arrow.
  • Battery Life
    Another great addition to the DualSense controller is the improvement of battery life. This was an issue with the previous generations of controllers and it is great to hear that Sony has addressed this.
  • Create button
    The Create button will replace the Share button maintaining most of its functionalities and adding a lot more to them.
  • Built-in microphone
    The included build in microphone will allow players to chat in-game during online gaming sessions without the use of a headset.

We will release more about the DualSense Controller specifications and features as they are released.

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