TVs ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’

gaming tv 4k

See every frame with 4K/120fps

Transform your gaming experience. With a high-speed 4K/120fps HDMI input, our TVs give you smoother, clearer movement for responsive gameplay.

PlayStation 5 and Z8H/X900H support 4K/120fps gaming.

Bring action to life with 8K

Our 8K TVs immerse you in worlds of unbelievable depth and detail at an incredibly high resolution.

8K output is available with PlayStation®5 and Z8H.

Gaming tv 8k
gaming tv surround sound

Surround sound that matches actions and scenes

Our sound from screen technology makes the screen the speaker.
This means that what you hear comes from the right place in the scene.

Responsive gaming, effortless control

Get going fast. Just plug in a HDMI cable and your Sony TV will recognize when a console is connected and automatically switch to game mode. You’ll enjoy smooth, responsive gameplay, and you can even control your PlayStation with your TV remote.

sony gaming tv control

Screen of sound

Experience more immersion, more excitement. With our unique Acoustic Surface Audio technology, sound comes directly from the screen, matching the action.

Virtual Surround sound

Hear sound all around you. S-Force Front Surround virtually reproduces surround sound with your TV, simulating a separate multi surround speake system.

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