What apps are available on Sony’s Android TV?

You can check what apps can be installed on Sony Android TV from the Google Play Store.

Please note:

* The Google Play Store on Sony’s Android TV only displays apps that are supported by the TV, so apps that are not displayed are not supported at the moment.
Not all apps for other Android devices (such as smartphones and tablers) can be used with the TV.

** You can purchase Apps through the Google Play Store if you are logged in using your Google Account.
You can also install apps that you have already purchased and installed on your Android mobile devices for free if they are compatible with Sony Android TV.

1. What apps are available on Sony’s Android TV?

  • Go to the HOME Menu of your TV (Press the Home button on your remote control).
    Now you can select the Google Play Store app from the Apps menu. You can then search through all of the listed apps.
  • Check using your computer, tablet or smartphone.
    Using one of the above devices visit the ‘Apps for Android TV‘ website on Google Play Store to see the latest apps that are available for Android TV devices.
    By visiting the Apps for Android TV website you can also see the Description and Reviews of the app before downloading.

2. How do I check all the installed apps on Sony Android TV?

  • Press the HOME button on the remote control
  • Select Settings
  • Select Apps in the TV category
  •  Check Downloaded apps or System apps

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