TVs ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’

Sony announced new ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ Tvs

The two ranges of Tvs that Sony has picked are the XH90 (X900H in the US) series and the ZH8 (Z8H in the US).

What makes Sony Tvs ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’?

To start with, both use full array LED lighting with local dimming to support punchy, contrast-rich gaming images. Both also support 4K at up to 120Hz, a frame rate reported that the PS5 will be able to achieve. Both support Automatic Low Latency Mode switching, a feature that sets the TV in Game Mode when a gaming source is detected. The XH90 will support variable refresh rates (though it seems the ZH8 may not). And both promise very low Game Mode response times – down to 7.2ms in 4K/120Hz mode on the XH90.

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Sony also stated in its Ready For PlayStation 5 announcement that the Bravia Game Mode TV feature will allow users to wake their TV and their PS5 simultaneously using only the new DualSense controller and in addition control their PS5 using the TV’s remote control.

The ZH8 and 55-inch+ XH90 models also carry what Sony calls Acoustic Multi-Audio technology, which uses innovative sound-positioning tweeters to deliver sound effects that appear to be coming from exactly the correct place on the screen. It is said that this feature adds an extra layer of immersion to the gaming experience.

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